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UltraSonic Deep Cleansing Facial

Laser Treatment Face.jpg

In action....


SkinBella performs multiple functions for total facial care.  This system is a particle FREE patented technology that provides a non-invasive solution to help diminish a multitude of skincare concerns by exfoliating non-invasively, hydrating the skin, invigorating the skin, and clearing the skin.  This system utilizes a unique hand piece to precisely deliver "micro-massage" to the skin for outstanding cosmetic results.


Just one hand piece offer four distinct functions:

Peeling/Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Invigoration and Clearing.


The power blade transmits high speed vibrations know as

"elastic waves" at a frequency as high as 25,000 cycles per second creating vapor bubbles which work like a vacuum lifting dead skin cells and debris from the skin.  These vibrations are transmitted into the skin and underlying tissue.  This oscillation creates both a thermal action and a mechanical action that, in combination, yields outstanding results.



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