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 Laser Hair Removal



Alexandrite laser hair removal procedure uses a specific wavelength of energy to pinpoint and destroy dark hair follicles without damaging the tissue around them.


Alexandrite laser hair removal can permanently reduce unwanted hair

almost anywhere it appears, chin,

upper lip, back and shoulder area,

the bikini line, legs, and underarms,

but the Alexandrite laser treatment is not used to remove hair around the eyes because of the laser potential damage

can do to the eyes.


Each hair follicle goes through a continuous, three-stage cycle (growing, resting and shedding), and Alexandrite laser hair removal targets only those

hairs that are in the growing stage.

Since each individual follicle is on its own schedule, each treatment session can effectively remove the growing hair

follicles but will leave behind those

follicles that are in the resting or

shedding stage. For best results, multiple sessions are usually required.




Due to the nature of laser hair removal technology, Alexandrite laser hair treatment isn't for everyone. Because the laser targets dark pigmentation, the

hair in question must be darker than the skin surrounding it. Therefore, the ideal candidates are people with light skin and dark hair. People with tanned skin, naturally dark skin and people with blonde, red or white hair are not good candidates for Alexandrite laser hair removal.


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